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Will the quality of plastic particles be affected if they are stored for a long time
1. Of course, it will affect the quality. Those with ester or ether groups have a certain degree of water absorption, poor sealing and easy to be affected by moisture. Plastic particle manufacturers introduce such as PMMA, PC, PA, etc.; plastics will have aging phenomenon, especially those containing additives, which are generally low molecular, low melting point and low boiling point, easy to decompose and volatilize, so as to reduce the physical properties and flame retardancy of the materials.

2. If it is a colored particle, due to the aging of the toner, the light primary color, especially white, will turn yellow and dark after a long time. In order to avoid high temperature and high humidity environment, some materials should avoid low temperature, because some materials will become brittle at low temperature. After being processed into granules, the waste plastics still have good comprehensive material properties, which can meet the technical requirements of film blowing, wire drawing, pipe drawing, injection molding and extrusion profiles, and are widely used in the production of plastic products.

3. In daily life, recycled particles can be used to make various kinds of plastic bags, barrels, pots, toys, furniture, stationery and other living appliances and various plastic products. In the mechanical industry, the recycled particles can be used to manufacture machine parts, bearings, gears, cams, pump impellers, etc. In chemical industry, it can be used as reaction kettle, pipeline, valve, etc., and used in chemical production places to solve corrosion and wear.
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