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The influence of recycling PVC particles on modern
Waste plastics and other resources are called "the second mine of mankind" and "the treasure of the city" by modern economists. PVC granule manufacturers can not only alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of plastic raw materials, but also greatly save the cost of imported crude oil. In addition, some plastics are non degradable and accumulated over time, causing serious white pollution, causing huge impact on the environment and destroying the ecological environment of the earth.

After the treatment of plastic recycling granulator equipment, these originally ugly waste plastics immediately turned into colorful plastic PVC particles. These recycled plastic particles still have good comprehensive material properties, which can meet the technical requirements of film blowing, wire drawing, pipe drawing, molding, extrusion, in other words, also known as raw materials for plastic products

The electrical properties of PVC particles depend on the amount of residue in the polymer and the type and quantity of various additives in the formulation. The electrical properties of PVC are also related to the heating conditions: when the PVC is decomposed by heating, its electrical insulation will be reduced due to the existence of chloride ions. If a large number of chloride ions can not be neutralized by the alkaline stabilizer, the electrical insulation performance will be significantly reduced.

Unlike polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene, the electrical properties of PVC vary with frequency and temperature, for example, the dielectric constant decreases with increasing frequency.
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