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Reveal the classification of polyester staple fibe
Polyester staple fiber is mainly used in the cotton textile industry, and can also be used in home decoration fabrics, packaging fabrics, fillers and thermal insulation materials. What are the categories of polyester staple fiber? Let Hongyu Textile Editor introduce it to you.

The classification of polyester staple fiber is as follows:

Large chemical fiber: short fiber spun with PET chips or melt direct spinning. Good color, large batch number, stable strength, few defects and good spinnability.

Chinese chemical fiber: spun with PET chips or PET recycled materials. The price and quality are between big and small, mainly because some textile mills are used to blend with big to improve competitiveness.

Small chemical fiber: spun with PET recycled material. The price and quality are not the same, which is suitable for export to some markets and fields with low quality requirements, such as filler materials.

The company is a source manufacturer of recycled polyester staple fiber, and its products include polyester staple fiber 15D, polyester staple fiber 7D and polyester staple fiber 3D. It has its own production base, and all production equipment are independently researched and developed. The equipment is regularly upgraded, and equipment maintenance is carried out to expand production capacity.
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